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Beaver Deli Mustard


Beaver Deli Mustard 13 oz



Beaver Deli Mustard is yet another of Beaver’s award winning mustards. No surprise there, but did you know that the name “Deli” honors the spicy flavors of New Delhi India? PSYCHE! Everybody knows that it’s named for the mustard that gives New York delicatessen its mystical properties that can turn a white-bread-and-mayonnaise Midwesterner into a hardcore New Yorker before you can say, “not for nothin’ . . .” Beaver Deli Mustard is one of the first of its kind to offer whole mustard seeds for both a unique textural component and full, deep flavor. When you need the flavor of New York delicatessen (which we know is pretty much all the time), put Beaver Deli Mustard on pastrami and rye, or roast beef and Swiss, and not for nothin’ but you’ll be sayin’, “Aaay, I’m eatin’ here,” in a New York minute.

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