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Beaver American Picnic Mustard


Beaver American Picnic Mustard 12.5 oz



Beaver American Picnic Mustard is an award winning classic yellow mustard! Okay, a lot of Beaver mustards are award winning, so what you really need to know is that Beaver’s American Picnic Mustard is as American as mustard pie – or is it apple pie . . . well, we know it’s one of them, we thought it was mustard pie. In fact, Beaver American Picnic Mustard, derives its name from the French, pique-nique, which is traced to the 1692 edition of Tony Willis, “Origines de la Langue Française,” The term was used to describe a group of people dining in a restaurant who brought their own wine, and later referred to a family gathering where people brought food, or a romantic soirée. Like we said, Beaver American Picnic Mustard is as American as French fries and the Statue of Liberty. And with just the right balance of spices, this mustard is the perfect condiment for your next picnic, family get-together, or romantic rendezvous (we just can’t stay away from American colloquial expressions).

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