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I spent much of my youth in a small non-Italian town in the middle east of this country – meaning the midwest but closer to the east than the west, making it the Mideast, but commonly known as the Midwest. I found that many interesting and very tasty dishes could be thrown together, literally, in the blender. Here’s one of them:

Clean your Osterizer!!!

Gather 2 oz of olive oil  (extra virgin olive oil is best for use as a condiment)

2 oz of white wine

2 roma tomatoes

4 cloves of garlic

1 oz of Tapatio

1/2 a rectangle of Philly cream cheese.

Throw it all in the blender.

Frappé the hell out of it.

Cut 1 pound of fresh chicken breasts into small finger-size pieces – you know, like your little finger. In a large frying pan, put 2-3 oz olive oil, heat on medium to high, and put the chicken pieces in the pan. You can use boneless thighs intermixed, though you may have difficulties finding femurless fowl. Cook them beyond half-way (6-7 minutes moving them around etc. in the pan). When they are 70% cooked and browned, pour the frappéd fantazmal mix (FFM) into the frying pan and let the chicken cook with the FFM for a few minutes. FFM can be an acronym for F**kn Fantazmal Mix too. Go. Be daring.

Cook up a box of your favorite pasta to al dente…

You will have to time this so the chicken and pasta don’t cook to long.

Put the al dente pasta into a bowl and pour the FFM Chicken over the top of it. You can mix it up, or you can serve it sorta separate – it doesn’t matter. It is FFMingly delicious.

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