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Salsa Valentina Black Label


Valentina Salsa Picante Black Label Extra Hot Sauce – 12 oz


An introduction to Valentina Salsa Picante Black Label Extra Hot Sauce… I was sitting in the Madison diner in New York City when my diet burger plate consisting of a burger neat, sliced up peppers, and some cottage cheese arrived in front of me. There was a bottle of hot sauce on the counter and I used it to douse pretty much everything on my plate; more catsup on the burger and mayonnaise loaded with black pepper for, yet, also dipping the burger. The Ecuadorian gentleman behind the counter informed me that he had his favorite personal hot sauce in the secret compartment underneath the counter.  I appreciated that he appreciated my appreciation for hot sauce. He was generous enough to share with me his bottle of Valentina Salsa Picante Black Label Extra Hot Sauce – he told me it was the best. I put it on the burger. I put it in the mayonnaise and I put it on the cottage cheese. It’s peculiarly smoky-delicious taste was excellent, and it was hot, but I think the mayonnaise in the cottage cheese cooled it down a bit for me, and, of course, I am condimented, so don’t try this at home. The next day I took the Rocket to the Bronx an purchased two bottles from the grocery – along with 7 other different hot sauces. He was right.  I suggest going to the Madison diner and doing exactly what I did. And you’ll think I am Condimented, but ya gotta try it on cottage cheese. Remember, be cool.

—Zeno BoShay