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Salsa Tamazula Etiqueta Negra


Salsa Tamazula Black Label Xxxtra-Hot Hot Sauce 4.5 oz


Salsa Tamazula Etiqueta Negra takes the high road when it comes to Mexican hot sauce. Most Mexican hot sauces boast a lot of flavor and concentrate on flavor more than on hotness. However, Salsa Tamazula teaches you to laugh in the face of danger. And, then, eventually cry… Dress a burger or a sandwich or piece of meat or a piece or fish with this and the endorphins will fly; you’ll be sweating bullets from your eyelids, and your scalp will crawl into the next room. And you’ll think I am Condimented, but ya gotta try it on cottage cheese. So sit back and… Remember, be cool.

—Zeno BoShay