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Moutarde Royale au Cognac Pommery


The Royale Mustard Pommery with Cognac in a Stone Jar with Wax – 250G (8.8 oz)


When my son, Andy, introduced me to Pommery Moutarde some years ago, I opened the crock and I got hooked. Recently I ordered some Moutarde Royale au Cognac Pommery or Royale Mustard Pommery with Cognac from our link above. It got here pretty quickly from France, and in perfect condition. Through investigation and experience, Burnesto and I have confirmed that, when possible, buying from the manufacturer is the way to go. I was a bit perplexed by the wax top with cork. So I thought “cork = cork screw.” Yeah... I put the corkscrew into the center of the top, kinda like a wine bottle, turned it a couple times, and removed the top easily. Moutarde Royale au Cognac Pommery is beautiful – hues of mahogany, gold, yellows, cocoa color – with a bunch of seeds. I mean, probably 2000 in a teaspoon – maybe more. You know, the kind that pop when you chew, kinda like caviar, but not, and surrounded by brownish gold, delicious mustard. I opened the fridge to find a familiar platform – a chunk of 6.5 month-old Manchego cheese (it’s been in the fridge for a few weeks. Who cares?)  I sliced and spread Moutarde Royale au Cognac Pommery and devoured; sliced-spread-devoured; sliced-spread-devoured; slicedspreaddevoured; slicedspreaddevoured… Kinda spicy but smooth, not hot, a little tangy but not. Cognac. Needless to say…it was dreamy bliss. Excellent on turkey thighs, turkey breast, and every other platform. Moutarde Royale au Cognac Pommery is the type of mustard that will disappear very quickly, even though there are about 7 million seeds in each crock. Really. You will get lost in it. I did. Bring a toothpick… Thanks Andy!

—Zeno BoShay