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Moutarde des Pompiers Pommery


Firefighter’s Pommery Mustard in a Stone Jar – 250G (8.8 oz)


Five years ago, my birthday was coming up. My son, Andy, who plays piano, writes his own music, and marches to a tune of a different drummer, started thinking… He knew I didn’t drink, I never wear a suit, and all of my biz is done on the computer keyboard. So he did NOT give me a bottle o’ Scotch, a fancy tie, or a gold-plated pen. He probably wouldn’t have, anyway. Thanks God! I should mention that a couple of years earlier, he presented me with Pommery Mustard de Meaux, the original from 1632. On this birthday, however, he presented me with a different gift. I opened the box. It was Moutarde des Pompiers Pommery, or Firefighter’s Pommery Mustard in a Stone Jar. I did the first thing I knew best to taste-test hot mustard – I ripped off a piece of dark meat turkey and dipped it in. Mmmmm. Saveur étonnante de piment! And boy does it taste peppery hot amazing. My son knew that I loved Pommery Mustard de Meaux. He is gifted in music, but also he is a gifted gift giver. I keep a jar of Firefighter’s Pommery Mustard in a Stone Jar in the fridge at all times. It is excellent on sandwiches, sausage, dogs, chicken – you name it – and of course, as a gift. Thanks Andy!

—Zeno BoShay