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Miel de Moutarde Pommery


Honey Mustard Pommery in a Stone Jar- 250g (8.8 oz)


When my son, Andy, introduced me to Pommery Moutarde some years ago, I opened the crock and I got hooked. Recently I ordered some Miel de Moutarde Pommery, or Honey Mustard Pommery in a Stone Jar from our link above. It got here pretty quickly from France, and in perfect condition. Through investigation and experience, Burnesto and I have confirmed that, when possible, buying from the manufacturer is the way to go. The other night, an old friend from college stopped by with her daughter. We talked old times, new times, New York times… It was the Jill, Hallie and Zeno show. I didn’t know then, however, that Miel de Moutarde Pommery would soon steal the show. The two of them had just eaten organic ramen at Hinata on East 55th and 3rd Avenue. They were full. Hallie was sprawled out on the couch next to the Mussy Cat, and neither of them was moving much. Then Hallie claimed she was full and wanted something to eat, “I’m not hungry, I just love food.” “You’re not alone,” said I. So we went into the kitchen and I rustled up two kinds of cheese from the fridge, a 6 month-old Manchego, and some sort of fancy $28 a lb. Gouda. Then a 5 million-candle power bulb lit up above my head – a beacon that said, “Honey Mustard Pommery in a Stone Jar.” I sliced a few pieces of the Gouda and the Manchego, and slathered on the Miel de Moutarde Pommery, handing them to my guests as I went. Jill was very pleased, and well, Hallie got excited about the flavor as someone would if they had just been granted taste buds. No really, I’m not kidding. Both Jill and Hallie will see me as a different person henceforth. I will forever be remembered for not only cutting the cheese, but for putting the Honey Mustard Pommery upon it. Hallie and Jill will probably order a 7-pack just like me. Just today I put it on some baked turkey – fantastic! And for the Pommery intro, thanks Andy!

—Zeno BoShay