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Inglehoffer Ground Garlic Cloves


Inglehoffer Ground Garlic Cloves 4 oz



Inglehoffer Ground Garlic Cloves is ideal for keeping vampires at bay. In fact, take the Condimented challenge: at your next dinner gala, use Inglehoffer Ground Garlic Cloves and see if you’ve invited any vampires into your home. Of course, watching a dinner guest burst into flames may not be appetizing, but better safe than sorry, no?

Made with fresh garlic cloves, the big benefit of Inglehoffer Ground Garlic Cloves, apart from vampire detection, is the elimination tedious garlic chopping when prepping for meals—without any compromise in flavor. In fact, we would argue that it tastes better, since Beaverton ensures that it doesn’t oxidize and take on bitter flavors, which can happen when you do it yourself.

Next time you’re making garlic bread, chicken piccata with pasta & mushrooms, or tortellini primavera, try Inglehoffer Ground Garlic Cloves for a delicious, vampire-free dining experience.

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