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Inglehoffer Ghost Pepper Mustard


Inglehoffer Ghost Pepper Mustard 10 oz



Ghost pepper, or formally Bhut Jolokia, is 10 times hotter than a habanero, over 400 times as hot a jalapeño, and even twice as hot as Charo. Bhut all Joloking aside, add that Ghost Pepper to a very smooth mustard with sweet onion flavor and its a winner on any sandwich or snack. Its up to you – you can choke down 400 jalapeños with your sausage, or just squirt a puddle of Beaver Ghost Pepper Mustard on your plate and dip your sausage instead.

Zeno BoShay

You were expecting maybe a “hauntingly good” pun on ghost pepper? That’s not Zeno’s style. Personally, I’d have gone with Sofia Vergara, but Charo works.

— Burnesto BoShay