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Cholula Green Pepper Hot Sauce


Cholula Green Pepper Hot Sauce Jalapeno & Poblano Peppers Imported from Mexico 5 oz



Cholula, Pueblo, is the oldest still inhabited city in the northern hemisphere dating back 2,500 years. Cholula hot sauce is manufactured in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico and is licensed by Jose Cuervo. Cholula’s scientists in the field of sauceology have heard a lot of talk about Going green.
“Well,” they smirked, “We did that a long time ago”.
And hot diggity, did they ever. On the Scoville Scale, Cholula Green Pepper Hot Sauce comes in with just about the same zesty zap as all the other Cholulas. An harmonious blend of jalapeno & poblano peppers, and Cholulas secret spices allows your taste buds to arrive at a symphony of flavor! Of course I am talking about condiments! We are Condimented! Try this one in cooking and in salads. And you’ll think I am Condimented, but ya gotta try it on cottage cheese. Remember, be cool.

Zeno BoShay