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Beaver Sweet Hot Mustard


Beaver Sweet Hot Mustard 13 oz



We know what you’re thinking – Sweet Hot Beaver – C’mon there are kids present. Relax, they’re probably in their room sitting quietly watching porn on their iPad. In the meantime people who prefer Beaver Sweet Hot Mustard like it not for the double entendre, but because they are real women and real men who feel that Sweet Honey Mustard is for wuss pusses and prefer the gentle nibble of piranha at their ankles as they wade through the Amazon River, like real women and men often do while they’re enjoying white-meat turkey and chicken, which as we all know, tastes just like snake. Fantastic for dipping cheese – manly chunks of cheese – or celery stalks, if you’re a real woman watching her delicate MMA figure. Also great for deviled eggs, chicken salad, or any type of Italian sausage – and of course hotdogs. Throw in a little mayo too, because we figure, hey.

Burnesto BoShay