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Beaver Mild Dijon Mustard


Beaver Mild Dijon Mustard 11 oz



Beaver Mild Dijon Mustard doesn’t have a silly name that evokes the idea of gray poop on your food. In fact, the name Dijon combines the Italian, “di” which means “of,” and of course, Jon, meaning, “the mustard of Jon.” Jon is a humble mustard maker who prefers anonymity. Okay, we lied. “De” is French for “of” and in reality, Dijon is a city in the Burgundy region of France, where Dijon mustard originated. And of course, mild, derives from the word, “mild,” as in not harsh.

Etymology and geography lessons aside, Beaver Mild Dijon Mustard is sweeter than other dijon mustards and a bit less spicy. Beaver Mild Dijon offers a sweet, robust flavor, making it a universal mustard donor to all foods.

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