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Beaver Hickory Bacon Mustard


Beaver Hickory Bacon Mustard 12 oz



If you’ve been paying attention to food research,  you’ve read the science behind our closest intellectual competitor, the pig. Conversely, if you’re aware of the anti-bathing propensity of a certain younger generation, you also know that humans are giving pigs a run for their money on their own turf. Pigs are not only smart, they taste good too. Can’t say the same for humans. Hickory, on the other hand, isn’t particularly bright, but smoldering it in a kettle with bacon adds a nice smokey flavor, which brings us to Beaver Hickory Bacon Mustard. Why is life on earth so good? “Because we’ve got bacon.” Someone famous said that. This mustard not only features bacon, it also has a unique, delicious flavor, and can even make you smart as a pig—or at least as happy as a pig in . . . (well, you know). And while Beaver Hickory Mustard can’t improve the hygiene of rebellious youth, it seriously improves the taste of any hotdog, sandwich or burger. In fact, if you’re into makin’ bacon, give yourself a triple shot of bacon and try it with Burnesto’s Double Pig Dogs of Death and Delight.

Zeno & Burnesto BoShay