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Beaver Pickle Mustard


Beaver Bread & Butter Pickle Mustard 12.5 oz



You haven’t lived until you’ve put your pickle in Beaver musta. . . wait, that didn’t come out right. Beaver Pickle Mustard is sweet, tangy, and made with real organic honey. If you’re a mom who gives her kids tuna sandwiches for school and don’t want them to trade with other kids, put some Beaver Pickle Mustard on otherwise embarrassing and lackluster tuna sandwiches. Tuna treated with Beaver Pickle Mustard is a keeper, so mission accomplished. Besides, it will up the value of tuna sandwiches on the open market and make it easier for your kids to prosper. If you happen to be an adult who grew up with tuna sandwiches, forget therapy. Beaver Pickle Mustard is the cure. Anything that goes well with pickles will be an excellent platform for Beaver Pickle Mustard, except maybe ice cream, that is, unless your pregnant, in which case, have at it.

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